Mary Queen of Scots



The intention of this web site is to relate some interesting highlights and facts regarding  the life and reign of Mary Queen of Scots, and to profile some of the main characters in her life.   This site is not intended to provide her entire life’s history.   I hope visitors will  be curious enough to do their own research.  If they do, they will find a story filled  with high drama, murder, intrigue, an unsolved mystery, action, tragedy and sadness.
Mary’s life story also tells us she was quite  athletic and loved outdoor games such as archery and golfing. In fact, the word “caddy”  comes from “cadets” the term used to describe her attendants when she played golf.

( NOTE:  Students sometimes confuse Mary 1, Queen of England with Mary, Queen of Scots. Therefore, a short biography of Mary 1, Queen of England is added to this site.  The biography also contains descendant and ancestral genealogy charts showing the royal  connections to both Queens.)

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